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We can assist you in choosing the right type of extinguisher for your premises, with free advice available.We are delighted to offer a competitive supply and installation service with a free quotation for the appropriate extinguishers for your premises.Its important to have the right type of extinguisher to fight the fire risk for particular areas of your premises (e.g. if a fire were to break-out in a computer room, it would most likely to be an electrical fire and the best extinguisher to have on hand to fight the fire would be a CO2 type)

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CO2 and Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Refilling Service

  • Portable fire extinguisher is advisable to send for service annually to ensure the fire extinguisher in good condition and the contain type is ready to be use during emergency. Hence, to check any leakage on cylinder and meter gauge is working according to recommended pressure. The inner parts will be tested to ensure in working condition.
  • Refilling is only applicable when the fire extinguisher already has been used. We will help you to refill the gas and contains type (Powder, Co2) depending on the cylinder origin. After completed, the cylinder will be tested to check any leakage and enough pressure.